BAPE Fall Winter BAPE-TECH Series

BAPE once again selected the most representative 1st Camo camouflage and launched the new “BAPE-TECH” series. BAPE chose to have a windproof and waterproof function and a warm-keeping material to create a ski jacket, a hooded jacket, a Coach Jacket and a pair of trousers. The two models are run in green and yellow. The details are supplemented by the words “BAPE” and the head of the head. Prices range from $339 to $623, and the series will be available at BAPE outlets on October 28th.

Cool Super Bowl Limited? 2019 BAPE® x adidas joint series exposure!

We have been reporting for a long time that adidas will be planning a joint plan with the Japanese trend brand A BATHING APE®, and the release date is 2019. As a result, adidas and A BATHING APE® have plenty of time to design their joint style. Today, relevant insiders directly exposed a variety of adidas x A BATHING APE® products. As shown in the current release, the co-branded series uses BAPE® classic camouflage as the base color scheme, while the joint style includes Camouflage hoodies, football boots and rugby headgear with both adidas and A BATHING APE® logos, plus adidas ULTRA BOOST, sports tights, long-sleeved protective gear, etc. A range of accessories are also on sale. According to the news, the BAPE® x adidas cooperation series is expected to be released on February 2, 2019, and the release time is very close to the “Super Bowl” event time. I don’t know if it is a limited bowling item for the Super Bowl. Also please interested friends to wait patiently for our latest follow-up.

Supreme x CDG will be available this week! BAPE x PREDATOR cooperation

BAPE, the king of the trend circle, once again joined hands with PREDATOR to create a new co-branded series.

It is reported that the series includes sweaters, hoodies, T-shirts and other items.

It is reported that the joint series will be released on September 15th, and interested friends can go to the BAPE store to buy.

WTAPS 2018 Fall Winter Collection Lookbook officially released

A few days ago we reported that WTAPS is about to launch the new 2018 Fall/Winter collection, and now the new series Lookbook is officially meeting with you.

As can be seen from the figure, the brand still maintains the classic military uniform silhouette and adds orange highlights.

The new WTAPS 2018 Fall/Winter collection will be officially launched in the brand stores and designated retailers in the near future. Players should pay attention to it!

Comprehensive analysis of BAPE® 2018

Just like “Your grandfather is always your uncle”, through the new season, BAPE® tells you that even if there is no joint cooperation, there is no topic, and BAPE® is the everlasting BAPE® that has been standing for more than 20 years. .

Since its inception in 1993, this “deaf” has been alone for 25 years. During this time, BAPE® carried too much. Nishiyama Toru, Takahashi Shield, Fujiwara, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Verbal, SK8THING… These leaders in the field of tides and beauty have all had more or less contact with BAPE®. This is why from 1993 to 2018, from Harajuku in Japan to the whole world, from fashion to lifestyle, after more than 20 years of ups and downs, BAPE® can still sit on countless Fans and keep standing. one

The classic BAPE® is unquestionable and its success cannot be replicated. But we have to admit another fact – in the recent period, under the “shock” of the new generation of power, the old-age ancestors began to show a slight decline, and gradually no longer glory. If BAPE® is not affected at all, it seems impossible, but with its powerful and terrible influence and deep-rooted crowds, BAPE® is still active in the front line and confirms itself through all kinds of wonderful joint names. The leading position, which led to hot topics and discussions.

Anti Social Social Club x BAPE®

BAPE® is also exploring how to further capture the popularity and capture younger fans while maintaining the brand’s tone. After all, in this era of high-speed Internet information, it is not feasible to rely heavily on joint planning. The “change” is not easy for BAPE®. After all, its design language and brand image are real. It’s too old to be a wife.

There is an old saying that is right, “Ginger is still old and spicy.” BAPE®, which has dominated the streets for so long, quickly gained the popular points of the moment, and continued to exert its strength during the past two years, launching many innovative works of great sincerity, winning applause and flowers for themselves, and again That’s the same, creating a trend.

Shark Hoodie with new luminous materials
Double Shark Hoodie with two shark heads
Souvenir Hanten combining Kimono with Souvenir Jacket

The 2018 A/W quarter of BAPE® is a slap in the face, launching a series of heavyweights, including ingenious injections of new elements and newly developed product lines, as well as a review of their own glorious history. The classics of the past. Innovation, reshaping, and not delaying. Through this season, BAPE® also shows the creative spirit and street attitude that the originator of the trend should be, and tells the new and old Fans – BAPE® or BAPE®, the fire that has been on fire for more than 20 years. BAPE

So how strong and amazing is the 2018 A/W BAPE®? Xer will come to a comprehensive analysis.

Reinventing the classic

First of all, one of the most surprising things is the BAPE® brand’s most iconic FRANKENSTEIN logo, which was announced this season. This pattern, which was first presented at 1st CAMO SHARK HOODIE, will reappear on the back of the BAPE® brand label. Although it is a minor detail change, it seems that BAPE® is also conveying: Once BAPE® was back.

The BAPE® generation star OLD SCHOOL DOWN JACKET also returned strongly this season. Inspired by the Hip-Hop culture, the down jacket that has been popular for the entire 90’s has been improved with a lighter weight and a warm look. It is definitely not to be missed.

In addition, animal patterns and military themes that have appeared many times in the past have also been reflected in this season, including TIGER designs influenced by Japanese traditional styles, realistic styles, and stitching, Velcro and badges loyal to the military specifications of Yuanzu. Etc., strive to emphasize the realism of BAPE® in the details.

Finally, in the OUTDOOR series of LOGO and typeface patterns, this BAPE® is also retroreflectively processed to give it a more practical functional effect. After such special processing, the surface of the pattern can achieve extraordinary reflection under illumination, which increases safety and is more suitable for nighttime activities.

New presentation

After talking about the classics, talk about BAPE® innovations this season. The first is the use of the new camouflage pattern, composed of a fragmented geometric pattern of the new member SPLINTER CAMO, inspired by the M90 camouflage pattern used by the Swedish army, by the hand of the camouflage master BAPE®, has been given a new trend of color. It is worth mentioning that the new SPLINTER CAMO also launched a variety of color combinations this season, and applied to different pieces to create a diversified camouflage style, which is one of the most important features of the brand 2018 A/W. .

For the first time, the mix of 1st CAMO and COLOR CAMO’s popular BAPE® camouflage patterns is also a hot topic of the season. Putting the pattern of the two lines together to highlight the difference between the two, not only can give people a strong visual effect, but also emphasizes the uniqueness of each of the two camouflage, wearing the street, absolutely minutes into the crowd Focus.

The retro sports style is the “land of competition” for all the current brands. How can you miss it if you are keen like BAPE®? This season, the brand launched a new color block sportswear series. This STA TRACKSUIT is strongly influenced by the shape of the classic shoes BAPE STA. It creates a strong retro taste through large-scale contrast and strong contrast. Don’t worry about how to match, but also keep up with the current trend.

For those who like low-key, there is also a solid color TRACKSUIT to choose from, and compared with the previous season, this time made with thicker and warmer materials, it is more suitable to wear in colder weather. Have to say, quite intimate!

Affected by this year’s “World Cup Year”, football-related items are definitely a hot spot. BAPE® also adds a football-inspired checkered element to this season’s design. It uses a deconstruction and reorganization to interpret different textures and tones. It is believed that the return rate is extremely high both on the court and on the street. Trendy Item.

In addition to the above, this season’s innovations showcased Japanese traditional costumes KIMONO and HANTEN, which not only thicken the body material, but also carry the COLOR CAMO camouflage pattern option.

In addition, as long as the zipper is untied, the classic SHARK shark big tooth pattern will be interesting in front of the winter jacket, giving people a different kind of surprise.

Finally, the most Hype military vests are also present in this season, equipped with a new SPLINTER CAMO pattern, the versatile pocket design is very practical, and the appearance is not unconventional, you must start.

Overall, full of emotions and new ideas, it is definitely a season that makes BAE®’s OG Fans feel moved.


In addition to men’s wear, this season’s new SPLINTER CAMO camouflage pattern also appeared in the BAPE® women’s collection. Considering the love of female compatriots, we also added the exclusive pink camouflage of the women’s collection. In addition, some of the items in the women’s and children’s collections also feature the PASTEL COLOR CAMO’s signature camouflage pattern. Other eye-catching topics include full camouflage items, LOGO side-sleeve sports jackets, and cute design items specially created for women’s collections, embellished with SWAROVSKI crystal.

In BAPE®’s autumn and winter 2018 children’s wear, the main pattern is ALL BABY MILO® MULTI, which covers a large area of BAPE KIDS® clothing and accessories. At the same time, the 1st CAMO of the signboard and the PASTEL COLOR CAMO appearing in the women’s wear also appeared in the BAPE® children’s wear series, which was lively and pleasant, and the tide also started from the doll.

Wait, this is not over yet! Another piece of this season’s new shark Tee gave the best readers of the whole message.

How many goods are there in the BAPE autumn and winter series?

In this season’s new men’s clothing, BAPE® brings more playability and camouflage new tricks. The new SPLINTER CAMO is one of BAPE®’s biggest highlights of the season, with three colors in black, green and beige, and there are plenty of options and combinations to play with.

Compared to the previous camouflage pattern, this time using the M90’s bursting camouflage, it seems to be more “hard” and even a little deconstructed.

BAPE® has been using animals for a number of years, and this year is no exception, embroidering tiger patterns. It is also the first time to mix and match the 1st CAMO and COLOR CAMO camouflage patterns, which bring a unique visual impression.

In terms of details, BAPE® has also created a few small eggs with a zipper, such as clothes that can be half-tipped, or pull out the side zip of the jacket to create a whole shark head, which brings freshness, in addition to being able to wear, Give you a play.

BAPE® has played with new elements and innovations, and has not forgotten to reinvent the classics, which has largely satisfied everyone’s preferences.

Winter clothing is intimately thicker and lighter, and BAPE® is really good to play this winter.

In the women’s collection, the PASTEL COLOR CAMO is the only one that can be seen on a large number of items. The SWAROVSKI crystal is also used as an embellishment on some items. Compared with men’s wear, women’s wear seems to be more “Gold content”.

Some of the single items and men’s collections, with the latest elements, also intimately customized the exclusive pink camouflage for girls, the couples package is no problem.

In addition, the military embroidered jacket for the new season women’s clothing is also very good. The iconic BAPE® trademark is also sold as a jacquard knit, which is also specially designed for this autumn and winter collection. A variety of special elements are used in different items, providing more inspiration for friends.

The young people of the trend have taken care of them, and they have not forgotten the children who have been influenced by the trend since childhood. The main pattern of BAPE® in children’s wear is ALL BABY MILO. And to a certain extent, the elements that match the men’s women’s wear are used to bring a more vivid and lively, child-friendly hue.

And the use of a lot of new fabric treatment methods, even for children’s clothes, is not easy. It’s just that the play tide has to be taken from a small age and the child cannot be lost at the starting line.

In addition, BAPE® is also very hard on the accessories. In addition to sunglasses and glasses, there are two in one to meet various modeling needs.

This autumn and winter season, A BATHING APE® autumn and winter series brings so many sincere pieces, I believe that many fans can not help but pay for it. The series has arrived in the following BAPE STORE

DeAndre Hopkins takes the lead in releasing BAPE x adidas adizero football boots

DeAndre Hopkins takes the lead in releasing BAPE x adidas adizero football boots

At the beginning of this year, A BATHING APE® joined adidas to launch the Dame 4 basketball shoes, and hit the three colors in one breath, which shows that the two sides will be connected. Earlier, there were also reports that BAPE and adidas will launch a joint version of adidas UltraBOOST next year, which will be in February. Unexpectedly, the American footballer DeAndre Hopkins on the other side released the pair of unleashed BAPE x adidas adizero football shoes. The whole pair of shoes were interpreted in the style of BAPE camouflage, with gold accents and tongues. See BAPE’s face and adidas logo.

BAPE x UNDEFEATED x Timberland’s tripartite shoes are cool!

According to the photos of the exposure, the joint shoes are made of classic 6-hole boots. The color is mainly Timberland’s main khaki. The upper part is printed with the BAPE® brand’s sultry camouflage. The heel and the tongue are attached. The logo of the three-party brand is used to indicate its joint identity.

How do you feel about this style compared to the joint name of Timberland and mastermind JAPAN?

Recently, according to relevant sources, Timberland will work together with BAPE® and UNDEFEATED to launch a joint shoe, and the current style of shoes has been exposed.

Previously, timberland and mastermind JAPAN teamed up to launch the shoes, the mastermind JAPAN brand logo with the Timberland classic shoes, seems to be somewhat singular.

BAPE® cute specials are fully available!

Snoopy’s cute cartoon characters not only leave a good childhood memories, but also create a joint clothing model with KAWS and BAPE®. It also shows that Snoopy is loved by the trend. BAPE® official news today unveiled the 20th anniversary of Snoopy Ginza. BAPE® and Snoopy have jointly launched a series of short Tee. The combination of the short Tee color schemes is mainly red, green, black and white. The design is mainly for the two Snoopy character avatars, while the other four are the A BATHING APE® classic brands. The Logo logo is combined with Snoopy. At present, the official has confirmed that the Snoopy x A BATHING APE® 20th Anniversary Limited Product will be officially released on June 28 this year, and interested friends can start to consider it.

Bape x Japan MMJ joint name announced that China will be sold exclusively tomorrow

After UND opened a new physical store in Hong Kong, China, another trend brand old giant joined the market. It seems that all international brands are targeting Hong Kong. The addition of MMJ has made the brand more diverse. I believe that it will become a place for punching cards. What is similar to UND is that once again, BAPE, which has already established a foundation in Hong Kong, has come up with a strong Japanese co-brand!

The joint design is also very approachable, and the logo is replaced by a lot of patterns. The following is a representative piece.

At present, the whole series has been announced. I believe that if it is queued for sale or for sale, it will be announced in the next few days, but this series should also belong to China’s exclusive sale. The list of single items has been sold below, I wish you good luck!

The list of items is here:

BAPE new cosmic camouflage Shark Hoodie

A BATHING APE brings a new Space Camo design to Shark Hoodie this season.

The Shark Hoodie is dominated by black, but the body is covered with a starry camouflage element upgraded from 1st Camo. The spotted part is more faint in the dark, while retaining the classic shark head embroidery. And Full-Zip settings.

It is reported that this BAPE Space Camo Shark Hoodie will be officially released on January 13th.

May be the most important joint name of UB! BAPE x Ultra Boost exposure

BAPE is about to work with adidas again to launch the co-branded version of Ultra Boost.

There is currently no physical exposure, but the two YEEZY MAFIA and py_rates accounts have been released together.

Py_rates exposure rendering

Although the two renderings are different, it can be seen that the upper will be dressed in BAPE’s most iconic sultry camouflage. This BAPE may be the most important joint UB, worthy of attention.

It will be officially released in January next year. The cooperation will be based on the theme of “USA”, and football shoes will be launched. For more information, we will continue to pay attention and report for the first time, so stay tuned.

Py_rates exposure rendering

Do you like Bape x Air Max 270

Although Bape is a “co-branded”, but has never worked with Nike, but in recent days, the Bape x Nike Air Max 270 is actually a real thing. Is it a custom work or the first joint work of both parties?

It can be seen that the shoes cover the upper with Bape’s classic camouflage elements. The front of the midsole is embellished with the same classic shark-tooth print, and the Bape’s deaf logo is presented at the heel. The styles of the two brands blend harmoniously. You like this. Bape x Nike Air Max 270?

Suspected FILA X BAPE joint project exposure

In recent years, FILA has rebounded in sales and exposure with the popularity of retro sports. Yesterday, the famous Supreme information account @supreme_leaks_news on INS revealed a new news that BAPE may open a new joint project with FILA. The details of the specific products and time are not disclosed, but it is still very much expected to be the final presentation of both parties.

BAPE New Double Shark Hoodie Series

BAPE’s official Instagram today reveals a new design, with the brand’s hottest Shark Hoodie as the extension, creating a more layered Double Shark Hoodie, with sharks of different color schemes, and three sharks on the top.

BAPE’s latest Double Shark Hoodie series is priced at 37,800 yen and will be available on the brand’s designated store and online store on December 23rd.

MILO SHRK, BAPE x BE RBRICK New joint name release

A BATHING APE®︎ Recently found an old friend BE@RBRICK to start a joint name. This time, the design is based on the brand logo and the signature elements of both sides. The baby monkey image of BABY MILO® is combined with the bear ears of BE@RBRICK, and the “@” symbol is used instead of “A” in the logo. The letters fuse the two iconic elements just right. It is reported that this series will be put on the A BATHING APE®︎ store on August 11th, and friends who like it can wait a few days to get started.

BAPE® x Converse? How do you look at this CHUCK-STA?

In addition to being dominated by a number of cross-border limited-edition shoes, the recent sneaker market has introduced a number of custom-made personalized shoes. In the early stage, we have reported a pure black version of Converse x Nike, which was firstly launched by NBA superstar James and spoofed the brand Chinatown Market. The celebrity foot effect and the cool custom transformation of the cool Xu make this shoe Once exposed, it has won the ardent attention of people from all walks of life. Today, the spoof brand Chinatown Market teamed up with sneakers @mikecherman to release a BAPE® x Converse CHUCK-STA. The shoes shown in the picture still use the Converse Chuck 1970S as the shoe base, but the color is changed to bright green, the BAPE® logo STAR logo is on the outside, and the Converse classic logo on the inside is Chinatown Market. Change to a cute yellow smiley face sign. Although this BAPE® x Converse CHUCK-STA does not currently release information about the sale, Chinatown Market does not prevent you from first proposing this recommendation on this custom footwear, which is followed by our follow-up report. The latest news.

It’s coming sooner or later! Bape x adidas UltraBoost will be available next year

Bape, a top-level brand from Harajuku, has always maintained a good relationship with adidas. The two sides have jointly co-branded in the past, such as Bape x adidas NMD R1, Bape x adidas Dame 4, etc., which have achieved good response.

There have been news reports that Bape will work with adidas to launch a joint version of Bape x adidas UltraBoost. Without much introduction, it is adidas UltraBoost that has sparked the Boost boom in recent years. Therefore, UltraBoost has an unparalleled significance for adidas. After NMD and Dame 4, Bape chose this pair of shoes for joint name. It reflects the sincerity of both parties.

This pair of UltraBoost will cover the entire PrimeKnit upper with Bape’s signature camouflage, and the Bape signature logo will be printed on the left foot’s tongue and insole.

Although there is no physical picture out yet, we can have a preliminary understanding of the shoes through these renderings. It is reported that the Bape x adidas Ultra Boost will be available in adidas and Bape’s official website and offline retail stores in 2019 for $200.

BAPE x adidas UltraBOOST 2019 joint shoes release message released

Today, the breaking account YEEZY MAFIA brings the latest news of BAPE x adidas UltraBOOST 2019. Unlike the previous previews, this time the BAPE x adidas UltraBOOST 2019 will use a white three-line Cage that is not gold, and the upper is still a BAPE signature sultry camouflage pattern with a black BOOST outsole. According to YEEZY MAFIA, the double BAPE x adidas UltraBOOST 2019 will be the exclusive color of the “Super Bowl” next year.

Nike Air Max 90 off white x bape

Deaf Bape x Virgil Abloh designer independent brand OFF white x Nike Air Max 90 air cushion jogging shoes “OFF-WHITE white gray ice camouflage green”

Tide brand – BAPE camouflage hit color series, has now landed on the US official website!

The popular street fashion brand BAPE has previously co-branded with The Weeknd personal brand XO, and launched a new camouflage color-blocking item. In this series, the sweater, T-shirt and pants are launched around the theme of camouflage contrast. At the same time, BAPE’s classic logo, shark and other elements are injected into the design.

BAPE KIDS® 2018 Spring/Summer Collection

The BAPE KIDS® 2018 Spring/Summer collection Lookbook was also released as scheduled. The children’s world should be as colorful as a fairy tale, so BAPE KIDS® is all brightly coloured with a rich BAPE elemental demonstration, and the “Little Monkey” BABY MILO® is also added to this joyful atmosphere. Compatible with the BAPE KIDS® season series.

Bape x “Jurassic World” joint name

Just in time to catch up with the recent “Jurassic World” movie series, Bape also won the film IP in the first time. Although it is in the form of anime, I believe this is also a joint action in North America and Asia.

This series is also the first to be disclosed in North America. I believe it will be sold simultaneously in the world’s physical stores and officially. The following is a list of items and sales information for everyone. Good luck!

BAPE® Ice Cream?

In the summer, it is like a steaming sauna. The ice cream is delicious and naturally becomes the first choice for dessert. If the appearance is cute enough and unique, it will definitely become a must-have for summer photo-taking. BAPE® launched a special free ice cream event this summer, a boxed ice cream made from milk and cream with a small tube-shaped small spoon printed with A Bathing APE. The exclusive enamel pattern is unique and full of color.

Why is Rapper wearing BAPE?

Rapper has three treasures: BAPE, gold teeth and watches.

With the hot airing of hip-hop in China last year, a lot of Chinese rural Rapper has emerged in our vast land of China.

This year, if you don’t play oil poems in the circle of friends, oh no, show Rap, show and a few Rapper chat records, you can’t do the focus of the circle of friends.

For a time, I wanted to go to the United States to run an “American Opera” program, and then became the originator of the American Peking Opera, met with Trump, became the ins network red, embarked on the peak of life, think about a little excited It.

Going forward, today we will talk about how to make you look like a Rapper.

How to dress up as a Rapper?

When it comes to Rapper, the first time you think of it is the super-suitless large size top, and the jeans that fall to the floor with the crotch, with a pair of AJs.

But this is long gone, and Rapper is not wearing it so much, but there are always things that can’t be changed.


Of course, there is also A$AP ROCKY’s African baboon.

The lama is a little thinner.

The small plastic raft of the boat brother.

And even some people have a potted plant on their heads.

But this does not prevent you from recognizing that they are all Rapper.


Tattoos seem to be a more important sign of Rapper than dirty ones. If a Rapper doesn’t tattoo, it’s like the Northeast Big Brother has no gold chain, the Beijing old cannon has lost the temperament, and maybe even others don’t respect him.

Of course, they will not only let their tattoos, face, head, and any place where they can tattoo.

Perhaps Rapper’s tattoo tropical has moved the domestic tattoo market, and the tattoo market is more popular than the tattoo market. The three sellers of WeChat: one is selling clothes, the second is promoting, and the third is tattooing. Teacher.

3.Gold tooth

The spread of the Golden Tooth culture is more due to the biggest pusher of the Grillz culture in HipHop, the white Rapper, Paul Wall. When Paul Wall used the $300,000 diamond-encrusted braces in the Grillz MV as a gimmick, hip-hop big brothers fell in love with this stuff.

When I was a child, I saw two golden teeth in my grandfather’s mouth. From time to time, I showed a kind of disdainful expression. Now I think it seems pretty cool. I also seem to have hip-hop blood.

But now the hip hop singer is not satisfied with the golden tooth, just like the boat brother sang “Upgraded from gold to diamonds in my teeth.”

You haven’t brought gold teeth yet, and everyone has already played diamond teeth.

4.Gold chain

In the eyes of the black brother, not only because of the gold can match their skin color, but also because the gold chain is a hard currency in the eyes of Rapper, is Rapper an honest child? If there is a situation someday, the gold chain on the neck can be realized by taking it down. It can be decorated at ordinary times. Why not?

Or Kanye is arrogant, not only with a gold chain, but also with his wife, Kim Kardashian, Kohler, Kelly, Kendall, and the name is not qualified.

Of course, not only Rapper likes the gold chain, basketball stars are no exception. Once Deng Ge and his younger Harel went shopping, Harrell took a fancy gold chain, but he was ashamed of it, and the witty Harden discovered this. He threw a 3w knife and gave Harel a gold chain. The other party was moved to cry.

Having said that, there is one more thing that you unexpectedly, that is BAPE. It seems that in some people’s eyes, BAPE has long been a gas-free network than a dog, but until now there are still a lot of Rapper’s fondness for Bape, why is this?

Speaking of BAPE, the most popular must be a shark hoodie. When it comes to the shark’s pattern, it may be the rise of Nakamura Jinichiro, but this statement may not be comprehensive.

This pattern always seems to have a feeling of deja vu, which actually appeared in the 19th century.

The most authentic SHARK MOUTHS ever passed, was created by the “Flying Tigers” during World War II. Do you know the Flying Tigers? It is not the special force of Hong Kong. It is a “American Aid to China Volunteer Brigade” composed of American mercenaries who came to China to participate in the war.

They painted the sharks on the P-40 fighters, but the Chinese did not see sharks and thought they were tigers, so they called them FLYING TIGERS.

Please look for this aircraft, nicknamed HELL’S ANGEL, she is the first “biological” wearing a shark coat, creating a prevailing shark pattern.

With aggressive military DNA derived from the military, the distinctive SHAMO MOUTHS is blatantly telling the enemy about its existence compared to the invisible CAMO camouflage.

This kind of innate kingdom is believed to be the reason why people like it.

Why Rapper loves BAPE alone

The shark pattern alone is certainly not the reason why all Rapper likes it. Another very important reason is that the shark pattern is cleverly pressed on the Hoodie.

The word hoodie is derived from the hod in English. It has the meaning of mortar bucket, and then it is the worker. This is true, the hoodie invention pointed out that it is worn by dry and rough workers. Indeed, modern hoodies were first distributed to workers by American sportswear company Champion Products.

According to Harold Lipson, former president of Champion Products, the hat was originally added to the jersey to keep the athlete warm and to keep the wind and rain on the workers working outdoors. Workers who need to work in lower temperature warehouses want a warm jacket with a hat instead of thermal underwear.

At the time, Champion Products was working with American high schools to produce school uniforms for students. In the end, the company produced thick cotton hooded sweatshirts that allowed football players and track and field athletes to wear training in bad weather.

In the 1870s, hip-hop culture flourished on the streets of New York. Street graffiti artists, who paint on the walls of train stations and subway stations, but want to leave a name. Hoodies are popular among them and can evade the police.

“Hoodies are cheap and easy to clean, and for those who paint for a long time, wearing a hat also has a warming effect.” Graffiist Zephyr said, “We want to sneak in the city to paint, we all want to hide.”

The famous street graffiti master Eric “Deal” Felisbret has a similar saying. The first people to wear hoodies are people in the city who lack the right to speak – some robbery young people, it is obvious that they need to hide their identity.

According to the street scene described by Eric “Deal” Felisbret: the DJ is playing the disc, the host is shouting the rhythm, the crowd is gathering, and then the robbers are on the outside.

“They may be staring at someone’s gold chain or something worthwhile. They are wearing hoodies and hats covering their heads so that no one can see their faces. Even though these robberies People are criminals, but they are respected on the streets,” said Eric “Deal” Felisbret.

Another group that falls in love with hoodies is skateboarding enthusiasts.

In the mid-1970s, skateboarding began on the streets of California. Like graffiti art, skateboarding is not subject to the mainstream society, and it is labeled as naive and unruly.

California’s most famous skateboarding team, Z-Boys. They were originally just a group of surfers, playing in the abandoned Pacific Ocean Park by the sea, and playing skateboarding when they were at low tide. In the summer of 1976, due to excessive temperatures, the California government issued a restriction to ban private pools from storing water to protect daily water supply, which created a good opportunity for Z-Boys to upgrade skateboarding to extreme sports. They sneaked into other people’s gardens and skated in the dry pool. This is probably the prototype of the “dangerous” gameplay of skateboarding.

But the only problem is that they are not popular and they have to avoid the police.

The hoodies that go deep into the various street cultures will naturally attract Rapper’s love. The next wave of people who actively embrace the hoodies is the rapper.

In the 1990s, rap became popular, and the singer’s secret of dressing was a must-have hoodie with a hat on his head.

In 1993, Wu Tang Clan’s classic album Enter the Wu-Tang’s cover hoodie is an essential symbol of street culture.

Concealed clothing, but brazenly telling others about my existence.

When it is today, BAPE has already retired in the trend circle, but he still has a place in the Rapper circle.

Adidas x Bape joint series

The joint plans of Bape and Adidas are also becoming more and more frequent. The UB joint name that was just exposed some time ago has not appeared yet, and a brand new series appeared in front of everyone.

Since it is such a huge co-branded series, it means that Adidas global and Bape will be launched for sale. It is also a very rare easy-to-access mobile phone conference. There have been reports that the Tee shirt will be sold in excess of the limit, other single products. The amount is not bad!

Japan official website offer price reference

Undefeated x Bape joint opening restrictions

Friends who like the beauty of the tide believe that the brand of Undefeated is no stranger. As a fighter in the US tide, this brand of stores can be described as blooming everywhere. Last month, Undefeated opened the first flagship store in Japan in the Shibuya area of Tokyo, Japan, and immediately became one of the must-see trends in Tokyo. Although they are all agency stores, compared to the United States, the selling price is simply turning over, but the fan enthusiasm remains undiminished.

Recently, Undefeated announced in the official media that it will open a special store in Hong Kong this month. At present, it is not known about the specific situation, but it may be taken as a proxy. We are very much looking forward to the announcement of the sale price to see how it compares with Japan. I believe that there is another must-have coordinate for going to Hong Kong!

In order to cater to the opening of the festival, Bape, a popular co-brand who is very popular in Hong Kong, has launched a joint venture with limited opening, and only sells when the store in Hong Kong is opened. The current catalogue has been released, including short sleeves and sharks. With hoodies, shorts, skateboards and more, Bape’s iconic camouflage hit Undefeated’s iconic orange, which is very collectible.

Croatia wins? BAPE gives you a reference answer!

The picture of the World Cup semi-final last night was still echoing in many people’s minds. England, which entered the semi-final after 28 years, met the dark horse Croatia in this World Cup. As a result, Croatia struggled for 120 minutes to beat England, a black end!

Yesterday, A BATHING APE® also released a new football theme series. Coincidentally, this football-themed T-shirt is more football-like than the first football theme series not long ago. What is even more unexpected is that this piece has a red and white checkerboard jersey full of “Croatian flavor”. Yesterday, Croatia also defeated England to enter the finals and will face France. A BATHING APE® This season seems to give its own prediction!

Probably the most powerful BAPE shoe! BAPE x DAME 4

Lillard signature boots adidas DAME 4 ushered in a gorgeous trend turned! The joint shoes with BAPE have been exposed for a long time, and now the official release from the All-Star Weekend is also very close!

This BAPE x adidas DAME 4 has two color schemes, not only the most classic sultry camouflage, but also the familiar design of the shark hoodie. For BAPE, this is probably the most powerful co-branded shoe.

Put on these shoes and match the BAPE shark hoodies, which are popular on the streets!

Bape 2018 summer blessing bag series coming

The best thing to play in the blessing bag is to count the bape. Every year, the festival will be the last time. This year is no exception. The content is also very rich and the men’s and women’s models are carefully prepared. A few. At about 1200, you can earn 4 sets of Bape!

July 14, 2018

175$ + tax

Do you know the child who took off with BAPE?

After celebrating the 25th anniversary of the “BAPE XXV” project, A BATHING APE® did not stop.

After all, the monks have no wings, and “God” is a long-time dream. It may be that the animal is forbidden to board the plane, and no adult pilot accepts the ape.

Just as the ape shook his head, a small plane flying from Chicago slowly descended. In this way, BAPE’s wish was realized by the little pilot “FLYBOY”!

The story is boring, interesting behind! This “FLYBOY” is a cute little guy. He was born in Chicago’s trend artist Hebru Brantley!

Born in Chicago, USA in 1981, he studied at Clark Atlanta University and currently works and resides in Chicago. Hebru grew up in Bronzeville, a black district in southern Chicago. When he was a child, he often looked for graffiti walls or scrap cars, as well as trains that could be marked. When he played graffiti, his little friends only care about marking their own marks. Everywhere is everywhere.

Until the age of 16, Hebru got a collection of Basquette from his mother, this is his first exposure to contemporary art, and immediately ignited his passion for contemporary art, Basquiat became his idol forever. .

Hebru’s early works can be said to be very “Bathquet style”!

Hebru created the Flyboy image with a green hat since 2010, and then created many narrative works around this image.

Flyboy is a black child born in a civilian area. He dreams of becoming a pilot. He wears a green aviator hat and red, yellow and blue goggles every day. He runs his arms and runs in the wind, imagining that he is a pilot flying freely in the sky.

Hebru created the image of Flygirl after Flyboy. Flygirl is called Lil Mama, but it feels like Flyboy plus two pink dice~ the same style of painting, and more recognizable!

And HEBRU BRANTLEY not only has its own fashion brand, but also often cooperates with other brands, with JORDAN BRAND

This time HEBRU BRANTLEY announced a partnership with BAPE to launch the joint list next week. HEBRU BRANTLEY’s artistic protagonist “FLYBOY” will appear in this collaboration and be full of playfulness.

BAPE 25th Anniversary “BAPE XXV” Catalogue, Off-White x Nike Air VaporMax Pink Edition Appearance?

BAPE launches 25th anniversary “BAPE XXV” catalogue

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, BAPE celebrated the project under the name “BAPE XXV” and launched a new camouflage CITIES CAMO, which combines the representative patterns and locations of different BAPEs.

Including Bape T-Shirt,Bape hooded Bape sweater and a variety of accessories, it is reported that will be officially launched on May 26th.

BAPE 2018 Fall Winter Collection

A BATHING APE released the 2018 Fall/Winter collection, and the men’s wear section is also based on the classic logo camouflage, swearing, lightning star, shark, etc. as the main elements of the design. The overall style of the women’s wear is dominated by street, military and sporty styles, blending with bright prints.

The Weeknd once again revealed more cooperation with BAPE

After taking the lead in Instagram to expose XO’s cooperation with A BATHING APE in May, the fans’ much-anticipated cooperation will be followed by no news. Fortunately, today’s The Weeknd has updated the content again and shared more. Single product. As you can see from the picture, The Weeknd has a signature shark hoodie with this special color scheme, and the matching trousers also have the previous joint logo.

BAPE and Dragon Ball! But only available in Los Angeles!

The BABY MILO series and Dragon Ball co-branded series in the BAPE brand are on sale again!

In addition to the BABY MILO monkey element, BAPE also has a classic avatar. There are a large number of characters in the Dragon Ball. In addition to Goku and Vegeta, Shenlong and Friesa have all come on stage.

It will be exclusively available at the BAPE Los Angeles store on May 5th. Don’t miss it when you are in LA!

BAPE 2018 Spring

After the “Year of the Dog” series and the joint plan with Starter Black Label “preheating”, the Japanese street brand BAPE officially unveiled the full spring of the 2018 series. In the new collection, signature elements such as camouflage, smashing heads and sharks are once again fully utilized, combining with different styles such as street, sports and Japanese. In order to cater to the spring and summer atmosphere, BAPE is infused with vivid colors such as blue, orange, yellow, red and fluorescent green. Among the highlights are camouflage hoodies, quilted jackets with the words “Crew”, shark embroidery Bomber, blue A color coat and a Japanese coat of the orangutan pattern. The series will be launched in major BAPE designated stores and online stores starting from January 6th, so stay tuned!

A Bathing Ape Launches BAPE STA Modeling Keychain

As early as 2000, A Bathing Ape launched the classic BAPE STA to the Nike Air Force 1 “Thank You” and was highly sought after by superstars such as Kanye West and Pharrell. This season, the brand launched a mini version of the keychain widget for this classic shoe model. In addition to the “BAPE STA” logo on the heel and the STA details of the shoe, the mini shoes are also attached to the keyring. Box for collection, very interesting.

The BAPE STA keychain will be launched in black and white respectively. Interested friends will be able to purchase it on the shop.